Covid SOPs equally helped in checking diarrhea, respiratory infections


Compliance to SOPs for protection against COVID in the country is registered to have equally helped reducing its incidence of diarrhea and respiratory infections.

No exact data may be available at current point of time but significant decline in the number of relevant patients turn over at most of health care centers is but a visible fact.

Regular hand-washing, use of masks besides avoiding crowds is established to have its benefits for people in general, particularly children, elderly and those with compromised immunity.

Researchers as well as healthcare providers have said people need to understand that vaccination along with other preventive measures are also very important.

Since no vaccine can provide 100 percent immunity against any infection, including those  identified as vaccine preventable, it is important that a culture is developed to prevent and control infections.

“Chances or risks continue to exist demanding essential preventive measures in particular context of hygiene care,” said Dr. FehmidaZahida, a senior general physician running her clinic in Orangi Town.

With regard to incidence rate of Coronavirus in Pakistan we are fortunate to have kept it under control.”

What, however, must not be ignored is that Corona is a messenger RNA virus that usually mutate at a faster rate,” said seasoned researcher Dr. ShahanaUroojKazmi.

In a scenario when  world is currently faced with three different (major) variants of the infection –  South African, UK and Indian variants –  there is  every possibility of  further mutation.  ” Mutation could be good as well as bad,” said the researcher.

Elaborating her stance, she said, ” it could be good if the virus loses its potency and virulence….bad if the latter two aggravate.”

We may hope that mutation of Coronavirus may not be potent and infectious yet nothing definite could be said.  Experts reiterating that vaccination does protect from severity of the disease but reminded that susceptibility to infection persists.

Efficacy of vaccines available to control Covid range between 60 percent to 90 percent enhancing equal attention towards proper SOP compliance, commented Dr. Mohib Ali.

Since mutation of  Coronavirus is an established fact, he reemphasized that relevant vaccination does help minimize the severity of symptoms.  “This, however, does not in any manner may turn us complacent,” he said urging people to  strictly follow the SOPs.

It is only when world may be able to develop herd immunity,  with 60 percent to 70 percent of people vaccinated against the infection, then only there could be chance to contain the same.

Till  the goal of herd immunity is achieved we have to follow SOPs was the unanimous opinion of the experts.


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