Covid-19: PTI MPA starts community vigilance in Gulshan area


PTI MPA Arsalan Taj Ghumman has opted for “Community Vigilance and Monitoring” as one the innovative measures to help people be protected against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
“Mine is a large constituency with people from different social strata – some are extremely careful some are perhaps little cognizant of their vulnerability and also that of their dear ones,” he told media mentioning that no less than 30 COVID positive cases have been reported in the area and there is dire need to contain any further spread.
Mentioning that he has a team of committed volunteers comprising people from the specific neighborhood, to which the affected citizens belong to, who are thus better positioned to not only communicate but also motivate them for adopting critically needed isolation. “We in view of the situation have also ensured safe and adequate disposal of the waste generated by these very people and their respective families,” said the public representative making it clear in most absolute terms that the idea is not to ostracize the affected individuals but to protect them.
In reply to a question, he said this was a collective responsibility of the community in general, including families of those tested positive for COVID-19, so that any further spread of the viral infection is contained.
“It is in this context that our volunteers keep constant vigil on the exit and entry points of buildings that house residence of COVID-19 patients ensuring that they are facilitated to restrict their movement and also provided by all needed support in terms of procurement of their essential needs without any hitch and hindrance.