Covid-19 claims 15 more lives, 513 new cases re-ported in punjab


At least 15 people lost their lives to coronavirus, while 513 new cases were reported in Punjab on Friday.

According to the data shared by a spokesperson for the Punjab Primary and Secondary Healthcare De-partment (P&SHD), the number of coronavirus cases in the province reached 497,866 while total number of deaths reached 13,417 so far.

Currently, the total number of active cases of coro-navirus in the province is 10,309, while ratio of active cases collectively in the province was recorded at 2.6 per cent.

The Punjab Health Department urged people to follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for their protection and cover their faces with masks.

The people should wash their hands with soap sev-eral times in a day to protect themselves from Covid-19.

Contact 1033 immediately on symptoms of coro-navirus, the health care department urged the citizens.


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