Covid-19 caims 11 more lives

Staff Reporter

At least 11 more people have died of Covid in the past 24 hours on Sunday across Pakistan taking the tally to 28,452 deaths since the outbreak last year, National Command and Operation Center, said.

The NCOC shared these numbers on its official Twitter handle as well, noting 48,192 tests conducted out of which 733 emerged positive.

The number of tests taken Saturday resulted in only 1.52 per cent positivity, said NCOC. Key to note that the coronavirus can infect cells of the inner ear, researchers found in a study that may help explain the balance prob-lems, hearing loss and tinnitus, or ringing in the ears experienced by some Covid-19 patients.

Using cellular models of the human ear, plus samples of inner ear tissues from mice and hu-mans, researchers found that inner ear cells “have the molecular machinery to allow SARS-CoV-2 entry” and that the virus can indeed infect those cells, according to a report published in Communications Medicine by the team from MIT and Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital in Boston.


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