Court sends Dua to shelter-home on her own will


A court in the city on Tuesday sent Karachi teenager Dua Zahra to a shelter home after she prayed before the court that her parents were hurling threats at her.

On Tuesday, Dua appeared before a magistrate’s court and claimed that her life was in danger as her parents were threatening her. She also claimed that they used to physically abuse her in the past. It is worth mentioning here that Dua had made headlines across the country after she had mysteriously disappeared from Karachi but it was later discovered that she had run away from her home to marry 21-year-old Zaheer.

Some other circles of the society are of the view that Dua Zahra’s husband Zaheer can be arrested anytime. On the other hand Dua Zahra’s younger sister earnestly requests her to return home.

But she said, “My parents are threatening me with dire consequences,” she said and pleaded to the court that she wanted to go to a shelter home”.

On the other hand, Jibran Nasir, the counsel for Dua’s father, said that Zaheer and his accomplices can “go to any length” to save their own lives.

“Please see the application submitted in name of Dua Zahra. She says my relations with my husband Zaheer aren’t good, I have separated from my husband and have no protection from parents, hence I need to go to Darul Aman,” said Nasir in a tweet along with a picture of Dua’s application submitted to the court.

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