Court orders removal of land encroachments by Dec 14


The Sindh High Court on Tuesday directed an effective operation against illegal encroachment of the Pakistan Cooperative Housing Society land.

The high court bench comprised of Justice Syed Hassan Azhar Rizvi ordered the Deputy Commissioner Karachi-East to remove all encroachments by December 14. The court also directed the Police and Rangers to extend assistance in the anti-encroachment operation.

“What has been done to remove encroachments,” the Judge asked the SSP East and the deputy commissioner who appeared in the court hearing. “What are your plans to remove land grabbers. It is 50 years old allotment, while the land has been still under encroachment,” Justice Rizvi remarked.

“How much force of the police and rangers required, at least you people devise a plan,” Justice Rizvi said. “An operation was launched but it was resisted,” police officials told. “What will general policemen do, SSU commandoes require to remove these land grabbers,” the court remarked.

“How much Rangers personnel will be required.

The land grabbers take the human shield of woman and children. Use the ladies’ staff if available,” the bench directed.

“The administration doesn’t act when the land is being encroached. No one could remove encroachments when the land grabbers become well entrenched,” the bench remarked.


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