Court directs Nazir to continue work as VC Isra University



The court has once again directed Professor Dr. Nazir Ashraf Laghari to continue working as the Vice Chancellor of Isra University.

According to the emerging details 16TH January 2023, the Honorable Court has expressed its anger at the lawyers in the misleading Suit No. 68/2023 filed by Hameeduallah Kazi in the Karachi High Court.

The Honourable Court said that when the Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Nazir Ashraf Laghari is present, how can another Vice Chancellor (Hameedullah Kazi) be appointed?

The court expressed its anger and said that the employment of Vice Chancellor is for a fixed tenure and cannot be terminated at the wishes of Chancellor.

The honorable court further said that Prof. Dr. Nazir Ashraf Laghari is the Vice Chancellor of Isra University and its two other campuses, and he cannot be stopped from going to any of the campuses.

Hameedullah Kazi’s lawyers brought forth the argument that the court has given the authority to the new chancellor to appoint the new vice chancellor.

On which the Court categorically refuted the lawyer to not mislead the court by making it more complicated or waste the court’s time, and that the court has not issued any such order in which it has been said that another vice-chancellor should be appointed instead of Professor Dr. Nazir Ashraf Leghari.

He further stressed that Professor Dr. Nazir Ashraf Laghari is the Vice Chancellor of Isra University and its campuses during his tenure, and that he cannot be stopped from coming to any of the campuses i.e. Karachi and Islamabad.

Here, the management of Isra University deems it necessary to inform the public that Hameedullah Kazi once again tried to mislead the court by providing false information through misleading material in which he and his lawyers failed, not only did they fail, but he also had to face the anger and condemnation of the court.

Here it is very important to remember that previously Hameedullah Kazi has been arrested for the crime of printing fake degrees, he is named in other cases including the terrorist attack on Isra University on January 15th, 2022 and is on bail from a local court.

Along with this, they consider this institution to be the family’s property. This Kazi family continues to do what they have always been doing. Ghulam Qadir Kazi along with his near and dear relatives unanimously became the Chancellor.

He then tried to make his nephew Hameedullah the vice chancellor on December 26, 2022, without any intimation or notification to or from Isra University. It is very interesting here that this notification was hidden from the public and the university.

Today when it was presented before the court, the honorable court not only rejected it but a lot of anger was also expressed.Ghulam Qadir Kazi, Hameedullah Kazi, Waliullah Kazi, Ghulam Rasool Kazi, Saleem Kazi and Abdul Ghani Kazi are continuing to mislead and harass the public and employees, but as always, the university administration would like to inform you of the correct situation, (a copy of the court order is attached).

and all district administrations and institutions are also being informed that the honorable court of Karachi has made it clear that the vice chancellor of Isra University and its campuses is Professor Dr. Nazir Ashraf Laghari and there is no ambiguity whatsoever.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Board of Governors of Isra University dismissed Hameedullah Kazi from his job when he gave admission to his daughter, Sana Kazi, to the MBBS program while she was a failure in the intermediate exams, and for his involvement in other corruption and malpractices

.The university administration in its announcement to all concerned institutions, students and employees feels very proud to inform that the vice chancellor of Isra University and its other campuses is Professor Dr. Nazir Ashraf Laghari, who has been running the university since the past several years.

The Honorable Court has categorically reinforced in its order that Professor Dr. Nazir Ashraf Laghari remains in the position of Vice-Chancellor and has also made it clear that there should not be any illegal hindrances in his work as a Vice-Chancellor.