Court declares e-challans as illegal


The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Wednesday declared the e-ticketing challans being operated through the Safe Cities Authority cameras as illegal.

The apex court of the province accepted the plea of advocate Saleem Sheikh against issuance of the e-ticketing challans to the motorists on violation of traffic rules.

Justice Tariq Saleem of the LHC announced the eight-page written verdict reserved earlier.

The verdict maintained that e-challans could not be collected prior to the amendments made in the Constitution as authorities were not permitted to ticket e-challan as per the Provincial Vehicles Ordinance 1965.

However, the verdict maintained that traffic rules violators would be given challan on the spot but authorities cannot impose fine electronically in the form of e-challans.

The court had reserved the verdict on March 28 last

During the last hearings, the judge had questioned the legality of the e-challans issued to an owner of a vehicle on violation of traffic rules by its driver.