Court awards capital punishment to convict for killing his wife


A district and sessions court in Islamabad has awarded a capital punishment to a man after he was found guilty of murdering his wife in the Sihala area of Islamabad in 2020.

In this matter, District and Sessions Judge East Atta Rabbani issued a 15-page verdict saying that the prosecution proved the case against the convict, identified as Nasir Hussain, who killed his wife, Farzana Bibi, by slitting her throat in front of their two children on November 19, 2020. The verdict said that Assistant District Prosecutor Rana Hassan Abbas prosecuted the case on behalf of the state and the prosecution succeeded to prove the case against the convict.

According to the verdict, Nasir Hussain, a drug addict, who was living in the Sihala area of Islamabad, had married the victim 18 years ago and they had five children including three sons and two daughters. The couple was living in a rented house in Sihala.

According to the plaintiff, the convict was driving a Suzuki loader while his wife, the deceased Farzana Bibi, was working in different houses. The convict was addicted to drugs and used to torture his wife, about which the victim had also told her relatives several times.

According to the plaintiff, Nasir Khan, the unwcle of the victim, he received a call from police on November 19, 2020, at 8 am that Farzana Bibid had been killed. He said that when he reached Polyclinic, the two sons of the victim, Hasnain and Muhammad Aqib, who were present at the hospital, told him that their father killed their mother by cutting her throat after an argument.

Muhammad Aqib and Hasnain, the sons of the deceased, said in a statement before the court that on the night of November 19, both of them along with their cousin Abdullah were sleeping in the room with their parents.

At about midnight, they woke up due to the noise and saw their father cutting the throat of their mother with a knife. They said that their father after killing their mother put the body in a Suzuki van and shifted it to Polyclinic where they told the police that their father killed their mother. The lawyer the convict told the court that there was no evidence against his client. The plaintiff had concocted a case against the convict with the alleged connivance of the police.

The counsel argued that how the convict took the victim to the hospital and the children did not resist him if he was killing her. He said that the recoveries that had been made from his client were also fake. —TLTP

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