Court asked to punish Dania Shah for leaking Aamir’s indecent videos



The troubles for the estranged third wife of late MNA and TV host Amir Liaquat Hussain, Dania Shah have multiplied as a social organization on Saturday filed a petition against her in a local court in Karachi.

The petition sought an action against Dania Shah for uploading obscene videos of her late husband on social media.

During the hearing, the court ordered an action against the third wife of Mr Hussain who is a teenager and had filed Khula (cancellation of Nikah) application from her late husband in a court of law.


The petition filed by a social organization has made Dania Shah and FIA Cybercrime Wing respondents in the case.

While giving his arguments, petitioner’s lawyer Advocate Amir Jamil Virk told the court that Dania uploaded indecent videos of Mr Hussain on social media. He beseeched the court to issue an order to the FIA Cybercrime Wing asking it to take an action against the late politician’s third wife who humiliated Pakistani women all over the world by doing this shameful act.

The petition further stated that it was mean on the part of Mrs Dania to release indecent videos of her husband on social media on some petty domestic row while pleading the court that she be punished for this reprehensible act.