Court apprised of revenue earned from charged parking



A total estimated value of charged parking sites in four districts of Karachi has been assessed to be Rs62,392,800 per year, the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) told the Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday.

Filing a report in compliance of court order with regard to the criteria for auction of charged parking sites, the KMC submitted that separate assessment teams had been notified to assess the true potential of each parking sites of the city.

According to the KMC report, an average 6,214 motorcycles and 3,608 cars were parked daily at the designated charged parking sites of the KMC in the Central, South, Korangi and East districts, the estimated revenue of which was Rs62,140 per day for motorcycles and Rs108,240 per day for cars.

The KMC stated that an average 195,220 motorcycles per month generated Rs1,952,200 in revenue. The yearly estimation of the number of motorcycles availing the charged parking was 2,342,640 with the estimated revenue Rs23,426,400.

The report said that around 108,240 cars were parked every month at such sites generating an estimated revenue of Rs3,247,200. The yearly estimate of the number of such cars was 1,298,880 with an estimated revenue of Rs38,966,400.

The total estimated value of the charged parking sites of the KMC in the four districts was Rs62,392,800, the KMC report read. After taking the report on record, the high court adjourned the hearing.The petitioner, Khursheed Ahmed Khan, had approached the high court for taking action against charged parking fee collectors in violation of the Supreme Court (SC) orders.

He had maintained that the SC had issued clear directions on the issue, but private contractors were collecting parking fees on different roads of the city.

He had requested the high court to direct the National Accountability Bureau to conduct an inquiry into the collection of charged parking fees in the city by private contractors, and recover the money collected in the past several years.

It is pertinent to mention here that another bench of the SHC had earlier restrained the cantonment boards in the city or any other authority there under from collecting parking fees in their respective jurisdictions until further orders.

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