Course on animals’ welfare



It is a matter of satisfaction that in recent times rights and welfare of so far neglected animals is also being given emphasis and due importance.

Prime Minister’s Strategic Reforms Unit Head Salman Sufi on Saturday announced that government is preparing a special course on animal welfare for schools in Islamabad.

He said that children would be introduced to compassion and a humane approach towards animals.

It is a step in the right direction and needs to be appreciated. As was stated by Salman Sufi, our generation has failed the animals, so we have to make sure that our kids are better than us.

This initiative will certainly help the children how best they can keep pets, making them realise also that keeping them is not a fun but a responsibility.

At the same time, there is also need to create awareness amongst the public at large about rights of animals through a wide scale media campaign.

Islam forbids treating animals cruelly or killing them except for food. Zabiha rules stipulate how an animal to be slaughtered must not be mistreated or caused undue pain.

Yet, unfortunately animal cruelty is rampant and exists in varied forms. Donkeys, horses and mules overloaded/overworked and harshly beaten by their owners are common scenes in our villages and cities.

We suggest that those resorting to such cruelty must be imprisoned and fine be imposed on them to ensure humane treatment to animals.

The provincial governments in this regard can enact legislation. Then the way animals are kept in our zoos should also be a matter of shame and concern for us.

Needful should be done to provide them a better environment that is close to their natural habitat.


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