Country’s only PMNH falling short of capacity


Nations keep themselves alive by preserving their natural history, scientific heritage and achievements of their ancestors for transferring the legacies of ancient times to coming generations. Therefore, the role of natural history museums is acknowledged globally as powerhouses of scientific enquiry and voice of authority to inspire the younger generations with valuable knowledge about current and historical specimen. But, in our country, the only-of-its-kind Pakistan Museum for Natural History (PMNH) is not getting due importance by the authorities despite its huge contribution in terms of collection, preservation, identification of natural history and research activities.

Situated in federal capital, this valuable asset relates to natural resources of the country and is a plausible source of imparting education through dioramas, exhibits, lectures, workshops, seminars, posters and film shows.

The matter of the construction of remaining six blocks of the museum is lingering on since its establishment in year 1976, compelling the PMNH administration to display maximum specimens of natural resources even in small rooms and corridors. Visiting the museum is rather painful when one sees the authorities using even small spaces of the constructed two blocks to exhibit nearly 1.5 million conserved specimens of rich natural resources. The museum comprises a state-of-the-art Gemstone gallery and Biodiversity Galley and galleries hosting Birds of Pakistan, Dinosaurs, Fossils, Higher Plants, Medicinal Plants, Lower Plants, Mammals, Reptiles and Fishes.

Being the only of its kind, this museum provides as a source of education for thousands of the students and researchers who visit it daily and the administration keeping within the available resources try to provide them comfortable environment and maximum facilities.