Country’s consecutive combat & peoples pangs | By Nighat Leghari


Country’s consecutive combat & peoples pangs

THE months-long “Battle for Betterment” is in progress and two major armed forces (N League & PTI) are the battlefield in a state of confrontation with each other.

The everyday routine life of the people has been crippled and sky high pangs of public are taking round in the whole country.

High degree of desperate violence has taken the life of the dozens of soldiers of war. A tug of war between the ousted Govt and the incoming lords is on a full swing.

Extremism is the only “Magnum-Opus” left with us that in the tide of emotions we stick to two consistencies:

(i) Rebatling of the ousted rulers.

(ii) Lauding to the incoming lords.

Every politician is playing the role of a butcher for the deposed rulers instead of a surgeon. This is a truth unrejected that all political parties have brought havoc to the country.

For years-long, a game of Bo-Peep is in progress between these two parties and both the parties erected a broad bracket of a catalogue of corruption and other cases against each other.

The animosity between each other was based only on the purpose to gain power. Now when another party PTI came into the game field, both the major parties got marriage De-Convenance and they pushed all the bogies of the criticism against the PTI.

Broadly speaking it is a day light fact that all political parties have been totally indulged in money minting motives and fraudulent extractions from the public exchequer.

They have all the times been busy to expand their own wealth empires. All the parties brought high degree of deprivations to the peoples, they produced no peace of mind or better glory to the down trodden people of their country.

No leader did utilize the natural resources, which could have brought a monetary revolution to the life-style of the people of Pakistan. All the leaders have brought ultimate downfall to the country’s honour and self-sufficient.

Pakistan was achieved from the iron clutches of Britishers and Hindus on the basis of Islamization but the major parties have not introduced a single order of Islam in Pakistan.

They have flourished immoral values and trends in the new generation. The country conditions have come to the point of military intervention.

Our political structure and the activities of the major parties will be responsible for this constitutional abrogation because in the past many civil governments had been toppled down by the military, imposing the Martial Law.

However, the current conditions in the country seem hopeful. No doubt protests and processions area gateway to achieve any cause and commitment, but it should be in concise time frame and ethics mob’s get-together always effect the everyday routine life of the public.

The ongoing Azadi March have crippled the public life leaving behind all the domestic and official obligations.

The protesters have brought a standstill to their families moreover the long traffic jam has brought awful effects to the patients and the students moves. A watch ward for the politicians, “Please, Pity on peoples”.

—The writer is senior journalist, based in Germany.


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