Country has no future, if NRO-2 given: Imran Khan



Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Chairman on Friday said that the country has no future if NRO-2 is given to ‘criminals’.The state affairs cannot be run if NRO is given to the looters, he said while addressing at Karachi Bar Association. He said the lawyers have invited him at a time when the country is passing through a critical situation.

The former prime minister described his ‘real freedom’ campaign as a jihad against thieves and looters.  He urged the lawyers to stand by him for the sake of the supremacy of the law.The PTI chief said the great lawyers led the Pakistan Movement in the past and the PTI is doing the same in the present. He asked if the lawyers back him or not. Mismanagement marred the event making Imran khan cut short his speech.

The former premier said that Karachi ‘is the city of PTI.’People of Karachi are more conscious than the whole country, he said, adding that this city played a pivotal role in the Pakistan Movement.He said: “I want the youth of Karachi to lead the country. Karachi is the economic hub of the country and its prosperity guarantees national development.

Had the provincial capital been protected properly, it would have been a more developed city than Dubai.”He said his party will make government in Sindh this time.  As the people of Karachi are tired of rulers, they will vote for PTI.

The former prime minister, who made scant visits to the city during his near-four-year-long rule, said if God gives him another chance, he would make Karachi crime-free. “Inshallah, we will establish not only federal government but also Sindh government and eliminate Zardari mafia raj in Sindh,” he proclaimed.He further said that the ‘Zardari mafia’ was looting the wealth of Karachi and investing it abroad, especially Dubai. That is why Dubai is flourishing, he claimed.

“Zardari mafia is a bad luck for people of Sindh,” he said. He said that no one can dare to stop PTI revolution, we must take stand against thieves; as people are waiting for change.Later, he also took oath from the participants of the meeting for joining the PTI freedom march.

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