Country faces inflation: Riaz Chandio


Chairman of Jeay Sindh Qoami Mahaz Riaz Chandio has said that country men face stormy inflation by bad policies of ruling government, adding there is trend to bring favourites and powerfuls in politics because they want to bring favourite judiciary, media and parliament to put down the voice of oppressed segments of society.He said this after congratulating newly elected office bearers of Thatta press Club on Friday.

Criticizing over PTI led government he said it has voiletd and suspended the human rights ,because obviously its slogan is democratic but rules just like martial law.

He said Sindh was faced acute water shortage but federal government has done nothing to resolve the issue.Regarding Bahriya two he said justice gulzar had remarked that Bahriya town is big plan of land grabbing, but Nasla tower was being demolished but why not Bahriya town not? This is dual standard he added.

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