Countries responsible for climate change should help Pakistan


Senator Samina Zehri on Friday urged the countries responsible for climate change to help Pakistan.

To deal with the disasters of climate change, the world must decide on a common and coordinated plan of action.

Climate change has had severe effects in Pakistan, she said. In a statement issued here, Senator Samina Mumtaz Zahri said that the major countries that cause climate change should help the countries affected by these catastrophic changes, especially Pakistan in this difficult situation after the floods.

She further said that Pakistan was not responsible for climate change, rather, these were developed countries, whereas Pakistan was directly affected by environmental pollution.

Severe climate change is a big challenge for the whole world, but Pakistan is having more negative effects of this change which Pakistan is dealing with on its own, she said and added all countries must deal with the challenges of severe climate change together as it is impossible to resist natural disasters, but steps can be taken to deal with the effects of climate change. —APP

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