Countering disinformation key to NFT & blockchain business: Asif Hameed


Start-up Investor elaborates salient features of newly launched website

KARACHI: Start-up Investor and Japan Pakistani Businessman Asif Hameed have said that countering disinformation is key NFT and blockchain business. In a statement here on Monday, he said that has launched a website for for blockchain enthusiasts that will counter the misinformation about the blockchain specifically. This initiative will also provide a solution for the future of the digital world and deliver investment to startups of NFT and blockchain business.

Asif Hameed is an overseas Pakistani a prominent businessman and start-up investor in Japan living in Tokyo for 25 years and launched NFT STUDIO24

It is worth mentioning that the entrepreneur Asif Hameed is an overseas Pakistani a prominent businessman and start-up investor in Japan living in Tokyo for 25 years and launched NFT STUDIO24, a Single solution platform for the future world a few days back. Commenting on website, he said; don’t waste your time and money in unauthorized blockchain websites and scammers who stretch lucrative offers. He described blockchain as not about only cryptocurrency but as the whole world of future technology. Overall features of the website are around the single solution platform to the future world which is the blockchain community.

Particularly talking about Pakistan, he said “we always confuse blockchain with crypto” reason is digital illiteracy behind this issue, now we are starting to educate society. There`s huge disinformation existing throughout the internet and it’s nearly impossible to grasp the right and wrong information about the blockchain which has developed the misconception among the developing and developed blockchain community.

For the right community information, you need to go for discord, for official news you need to twitter, Twitter, and for authentication, you need to go for a different website. But we provide all the information at one platform. According to him  “nftstuio24” is an extraordinary news platform, offering solutions of all problems in this single website, and for that our blockchain experts are providing complete and transparent information which is on blockchain technology, community updates, collection`s official announcements and events updates.

A complete package of promotion for NFT projects and more importantly, he says, we play a role as a bridge between startups and investors and in that you can directly contact to influences, investors and start-ups. Based on our higher standards and trustworthiness, the top-ranking NFT marketplace “OPEN SEA” provides us with a unique ranking system and collaboration. NFTstudio24 is not just a platform for spreading awareness but is also an opportunity for a startup to get investment in NFT and blockchain. Asif Hameed says nftstudio24 will announce the Blockchain Hackathon in Pakistan in 2023 with a mission to educate youth in blockchain and AI technologies through education, mentorship, business, and diverse employment opportunities.

The entrepreneurial skills of Hameed were highlighted in Japan when he opened up “Sparko Trading” the 1st startup company in 2009 that grew to over more than 10 plus online stores by 2011 overwhelming response of technology; indulged him to open up a website

Along with that he actively started investments in IT companies and blockchain projects around the world and now in the line of serving his motherland, he registered “Suika co ltd” as a startup company to invest in blockchain projects for the very 1st time in Pakistan. In continuation to achieving benchmarks, he aligned his business with the shifting trend of the digital world and build the filters on the flooded knowledge on the blockchain;