Corruption impedes country’s economic growth: Governor

Baligh ur Rehman

Punjab Governor Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman has said that corruption is a social evil impedes the economic growth of a country.

In his message on Thursday on the occasion of World Anti-Corruption Day, he said that the purpose of observing this day is to raise awareness among people against corruption. He said that distinguishing between right and wrong is a test of our character.

Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman said that corruption adversely effects economic and social development, so promoting transparency is the need of the hour.

He said that eradicating corruption is not only the responsibility of governments, but the responsibility of every member of the society.

Governor Punjab said that NAB has a great responsibility to ensure that this august institution with a noble cause does not become a tool in anyone’s hands.

Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman said that NAB has to maintain its dignity and also care for the dignity of others.