Corbyn condemns BJP attempt to spread hate in UK politics



The leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, on Friday said that India and Pakistan must find a peaceful solution of the Kashmir issue. Speaking to a news channel ahead of Britain’s general elections on December 12, Corbyn termed himself a friend of the people of the subcontinent and said that he wanted peace.
Responding to a question about the ongoing human rights violations and media black out in Kashmir, particularly since August 5 this year, Jeremy Corbyn thanked the reporter for raising the query.
“The issue has to be addressed by both India and Pakistan. It has to be addressed on the basis of the rights of all of the people that live within Kashmir in order to bring about long-term sustainable peace.”
“We cannot go forever having the distress, the tension and the human rights issues going on in Kashmir. And having studied this over many years, I consider myself a friend of all of the people of subcontinent.” Answering a question about the malicious campaign run against the Labour Party by a group of supporters of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, Corbyn called on the British people to make wise choices.
The Overseas Friends of BJP group had earlier this year openly attacked about 50 Labour MPs for supporting the people of Kashmir and urged British Indians to vote for the Conservative Party. “People should consider manifestos and policies of political parties rather then communal politics of divisions,” he noted.
He further said that people would make their decisions about voting based on policies.
“People will vote in the elections on the basis of what will happen to the community and their livelihood if the conservatives or the Labour are elected, but also the stance our government will take on world stage.”
“I don’t think we want to have a political divide on the basis of communal politics. I want to do politics of unity to bring people together,” added Corbyn, noting that his party supported education and housing. ”I hope they (people) will consider our manifesto. We will bring investment in education and housing and we will support particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, both through investments and grants,” he remarked. — Agencies

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