Construction of Burma Bridge is in progress


Staff Reporter

Work on construction of Burma Bridge Lehtrarr Road is in progress. After completion of dismantling of dilapidated structure, geo-technical investigations were carried out and now test piling on the process has been started.
In line with the instructions of Capital Development Authority (CDA) management, all allied work on the regarding construction of Burma Bridge are being carried out simultaneously. In this context, after completing geo-technical investigation, work on the test piling is being taken up. It has been further planned, that while carrying out piling works of the bridge, girder casting be initiated side by side. In the meantime, protection work of the nullah including construction of retaining wall will be completed.
Moreover, in line with the instructions, useful and unutilized material from the debris has been segregated, a proper stock has been maintained and approval for auctioning useful material is also in process. Project Director has also been directed to remain present at the site for effective supervision. It has been also directed to submit progress report on the project on regular basis.

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