Condolence reference in memory of Sajjad Kishwar


Punjab Arts Council on Wednesday organized a condolence reference in the memory of veteran film and TV actor Sajjad Kishwar.

The reference was presided over by Director Arts Council Waqar Ahmed, while Naheed Manzoor participated as the Chief guest.

Naheed Manzoor said on the occasion that Sajjad had the status of an academy for young artists.

During his long career of 60 years, he performed in hundreds of films, TV and theatre dramas.

Naheed said that the government had awarded him the Medal of Distinction to appreciate his work, while punctuality was his specialty.

Director Arts Council, Waqar Ahmed, on his turn, said that Kishwar was one of the artists who earned high fame in the film industry with his best performances. His role in Pakistan’s famous drama “Waris” was also outstanding.

In his reference, Sajjad Kishwar’s son Masood Abbas said that he was more of a friend than my father and always had a smile on his face. Sajjad Kishwar, who was seen in films and dramas with a strong temperament, was a gentle temperament and a good talker.he condolence reference was addressed by eminent artists of Rawalpindi Islamabad, including Masood Khawaja, Anjum Khabibi, Asma Butt, Shabbir Ahmad Mirza, Saeed Anwar, and Liaquat Shah.