Condolence conference in memory of poet Raz held

Akhunzada Fazle Haq

At Mardan Press Club, Awami Workers Party held a condolence conference in the memory of Saleem Raz, the great Pashto poet, researcher, writer and class activist.

The program started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Khaista Rehman Shaheen while the duties of stage secretary were performed by Hassan Hassan and Faqir Shah Faqir.

Faizal Al-Wahab Faiz, Wadud Ashnagra, Arshid Saleem, Arif Afghan, Kifayatullah Advocate, Gul Syed, Gohar Naveed, Mumtaz Tajik, Ejaz Hoti, Prof. Meraj, Sabir Bilal, Mehrandish, Munir Ahmad Sabir and Amir Muhammad participated.

Speakers highlighting the literary, social and political aspects of Saleem Raz, he said that Saleem Raz was a class writer and a fighter.

He never compromised his principles. He was a preacher of human equality and truth. The men were mujahids who spoke of giving and taking political consciousness to the working class.

They said that as long as the children of the working class are not equipped with political consciousness, they should live a life of slavery.

He was a shining star of literature who dedicated his life to the survival, well-being, progress and civilization of all human beings.

He said that the deceased was the first person to convene a conference in 1987 for the right to development and promotion of Pashto. He lived with and in between and his whole life has been spent traveling in different cities across the country.

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