Cold-chain storage system to be established for Covid-19 vaccines

Staff Reporter

Pakistan will complete the installation of a modern ultra-cold storage system for Covid-19 vaccines next week, sources said on Saturday.

The federal government has taken emergency measures to curb the spread of coronavirus during its third wave in Pakistan and expedited the installation process of the cold-chain storage system.

The ultra-cold chain storage system is being established in 15 cities that will be completed next week.

In the federal capital, three ultra-cold freezers will be installed. Two freezers will be installed in the federal Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) and National Institute of Health (NIH) and one in Tarlai Rural Health Centre.

The modern storage containers will be used for storing the Pfizer vaccines which need ultra-low temperatures up to -80 degrees.

The cold chain system in Pakistan has a capacity of -20 degrees to store temperature-sensitive commodities.

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