Coke Studio releases official trailer for Season 12


Staff Reporter


The Coca-Cola Company Pakistan proudly releases the official trailer for Coke Studio Season 12, revealing the artists as part of its talented ensemble. “Here we are. It is 2019 and as we open our eyes each morning to begin a new day, we find ourselves in a digital age that operates at a constant pulse, a rhythm that beats faster than the pace of our hearts. Human technological expanse is at the pinnacle of its evolution and, as borders become permeable and physical distances grow shorter, people reach out to connect and understand each other. Every day, there are multitudes of conversations, across race, gender and nations. And in this exploration, societies find links that can be traced through our roots – culture’s pieces that are entrenched in history’s soil, bringing people together through music, art and stories. In this process, people see just how artistic expression not only links with its origins from the past but also evolves in new hues in the present day. Today, Coke Studio is on the twelfth chapter of its journey. Since its inception, Coke Studio remains a space that witnesses the subtle connections of cultures and peoples through music.

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