Co-existence for peaceful society


THE resounding success that Pakistan has achieved in the war against terror has not only contributed to peace and security at home but also made the region and the world more safe, secure and peaceful.

However, there are legitimate concerns that while Pakistan has done its job, the world is not taking due interest to tackle the underlying causes of extremism and terrorism which could undermine the progress so far made on this front.

Pakistan is rightly considered as a role model in the war against terror as its counter-terrorism strategy was not merely based on the use of force as was being advocated by some powers for their own reasons.

The country has been pursuing a comprehensive approach to tackle the menace on a short, medium and long-term basis in line with the guidance provided by Parliament.

As per National Action Plan (NAP) against terrorism formation of armed militia is strictly banned, action is taken against hate speech, vigilance is exercised to discourage misuse of social media to spread propaganda and hate speech, religious seminaries are gradually being regularized and rights of minorities are fully protected.

However, it is a matter of great concern that some foreign powers hatch conspiracies to sow seeds of discord among different segments of the society by inflaming their religious sentiments and instigating them against the state apparatus.

This part of the war can only succeed if each and every citizen plays his or her part in foiling the designs of the enemy and forging national unity.

Regrettably, there is extreme political polarization as well which is also harming efforts aimed at promoting national solidarity and unity and a national reconciliation is the need of the hour.

Pakistan has also been an ardent supporter of the inter-faith harmony which is a must for sustainable peace, security and prosperity of the globe.

Countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have been sponsoring regional and global moots aimed at promoting inter-faith dialogue but unfortunately the world has not even agreed on a common definition of terrorism and the peaceful religion of Islam and its followers are maligned for extremism and terrorism.

There is also no tangible move to resolve those disputes peacefully and justly that are at the core of regional and global tension.


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