CM takes cabinet on board about dissolution



Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan on Tuesday informed the provincial cabinet that a summary to dissolve provincial assembly would immediately be moved to the Governor and also expressed gratitude to cabinet members, MPAs and bureaucracy for their support to his government.

Presiding over the 86th cabinet meeting here at the CM house, Mahmood Khan said that the four-year in power spent very good and he was grateful to people of KP for endorsing trust in him, adding that dissolution of assembly would not be delayed any further and the summary would be moved to the Governor immediately in vital nation interest.

Meanwhile the cabinet approved upgradation of over 100,000 teachers including 51,736 primary school teachers from grade 12 to 14, 18,000 PTC teachers from grade 14 to 15, 12,000 PTC teachers to grade 16 and one step promotion to CT teachers appointed in grade 16.—APP