CM Sindh calls for construction of city nullas, completion of LBOD


93 killed, 59 injured in heavy rain spell: Murad

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah in his meeting with Prime Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif through video link from CM House told that him that his province has received 369 percent more rain than normally recorded in the monsoon which killed 93 persons, including 47 children and damaged 2807 completely and destroyed 388 kilometers roads connecting rural areas with the urban.

“The serious situation calls for the support of the federal government to compensate for the losses of lives, infrastructure, crops and houses and the Agriculture bank may be directed to defer recovery of its loans it has advanced to the growers in Sindh.”

The prime minister meeting in Islamabad was attended by the chief ministers, chief secretaries from their respective provinces through video link.

Syed Murad Ali Shah briefing the prime minister said that his Province received heavy rainfall in the month of July.

The first spell occurred from 2 to 11 July, Second spell from 14-18 July and last spell from 23rd July.

He added that the rainfall recorded till-to-date was almost 369 percent more than normally recorded in Sindh. Mr Shah said that Karachi received over all 556 mm rain during these three spells.

The chief minister talking about the losses and damages said that till-to-date 93 deaths, including 47 children and 59 injured people have been reported across the province. “35 sewerage lines of Karachi Water and Sewerage Board were affected at different locations across city and three bridges in District West and Malir have been affected badly,” he said and added major roads of Karachi such as EBM causeway, crossing causeway and others have been severely affected.

Mr Shah said that approximately 388.5 km of roads connecting different areas of the cities and talukas have also been damaged.

He added that various major streets in urban centers like Karachi, Hyderabad, Badin, Sukkur, Thatta, Sujawal and Dadu have been partially damaged.

The CM told the prime minister that around 15,547 houses partially and 2,807 fully have been damaged and 89,213 acres of standing crop have been submerged or washed away.

Meanwhile, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Thursday said that 93 people have died due to rain in Karachi, while 59 people are injured.

A meeting chaired by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was held in Chief Minister’s House through video link, which discussed the damages caused during rain across Sindh. It is really upsetting to learn that 47 of the 93 persons who died were children, CM Murad said.

During the meeting, Murad Ali Shah briefed PM Shehbaz Sharif about the rains in the province and told him that almost all the cities of Sindh have received rains in the last three days.

According to Murad Ali Shah, the rain caused severe damage to 35 sewage lines owned by the Karachi Water Board, three bridges in the districts of Gharbi and Malir collapsed, and major roadways like the Ebm causeway and Crossing causeway were severely hampered.


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