CM Punjab will have to take vote of confidence: Governor

Baligh ur Rehman

Punjab Governor Muhammad Balighur Rehman said on Friday that chief minister Punjab would have to take a vote of confidence as it was a constitutional requirement, otherwise, he would lose the office.

Talking to a delegation of former provincial ministers and parliamentarians at Governor House here, he said that the chief minister had been asked to take a vote of confidence according to the constitution and law.

He further said that the coalition government had taken effective steps to improve the country’s economy and saved it from heading towards default.

He dismissed the false propaganda that the country was facing the risk of default. He said that due to the prudent economic policies of the coalition government, the economic condition of the country was improving.

The governor said that Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif and his economic team were working day and night to get the country out of economic crisis.

He added, “Due to efforts of the coalition government, our friendly countries have indicated their full cooperation and support to deal with the economic crisis, which is a positive development and a big achievement.”