CM meets APNS team, discusses political situation, matters relating to newspapers


Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi met with the All Pakistani Newspapers Society (APNS) delegation at his office. The Chief Minister while talking with the APNS delegation stated that by the grace of Allah Almighty the political situation is under control adding that until Allah Almighty does not want no harm will be done to the Punjab government. Allah Almighty has bestowed an authority on him and whatever is granted by Allah Almighty no one can snatch it. CM maintained that by the grace of Allah Almighty Punjab government is intact and will complete its term.

The Chief Minister highlighted that we did enormous works for the welfare of people as our intentions are pure and we are heading in the right direction. Allah Almighty granted us an opportunity and we are serving the masses.

CM Parvez Elahi remarked that it is all due to the grace of Allah Almighty adding that we take decisions by always remembering Allah Almighty and derive its fruit as well. Now we are deriving fruits of having positive intentions as we have no malice towards anyone along with holding a positive thinking.

We did works of more than a year in only two and a half months.CM ordered to pay the remaining payments of the newspapers within one month further adding that regional newspapers will be allocated 25% quota along with giving coloured advertisements. President APNS Sarmad Ali acknowledged that CM Parvez Elahi is a media friendly Chief Minister and has always fully supported the newspapers. He lauded the CM for always showing affection in order to resolve problems of the newspapers.