CM imposes environmental emergency in province to avert hazards of smog


On the direction of Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parveiz Elahi, an environmental emergency has been imposed across the province to prevent from the hazards of smog.

CM while presiding over a high-level meeting to prevent from smog disclosed that the penalties are being enhanced for the institutions that cause environmental pollution and for the farmers as well who burn crops.

The farmers will be provided with modern harvester namely “Hepper Seed” to dispose of crop residues. Chief Minister Parveiz Elahi said that electric buses will be run in big cities with the support of the World Bank.

Loans of one billion rupees will be given to industries at low-interest rates to adopt “clear technology”. CM directed that all brick kilns will be transferred to zigzag technology. CM directed that the environment, agriculture, industries and transport departments should conduct an anti-smog campaign continuously for three months and consultation of the civil society should also be incorporated in the endeavours to eliminate environmental pollution.

The CM further directed that all the Deputy Commissioners should take vigorous action to eradicate the practice of crop burning adding that regular monitoring should be continued through the monitoring teams and the implementation on the penalty of two lakh rupees for burning crops should be ensured. Chief Minister Parveiz Elahi regretted that due to the lack of control over the burning of crop residues in Indian Punjab, Pakistan dearly suffers in the form of smog.

CM was apprised during the briefing that environmental pollution is being monitored in Lahore through 10 air quality monitors. 1816 FIRs have been registered in Punjab for taking preventive steps that cause environmental pollution. Crackdown has also been launched against 90 industrial units spreading environmental pollution in Lahore.

Action has also been taken at 6457 places on spreading pollution by burning crops across the province. CM directed that more effective steps should be taken for the elimination of smog across the province, the monitoring system should be made pro-active and stern action should be taken on its violation.

Chief Secretary, IG Police, Principal Secretary to CM Muhammad Khan Bhatti, Secretaries of industries, environment, agriculture and law departments, Advocate General and other concerned officials attended the meeting.


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