CM Elahi rejects PTI minister Dreshak’s resignation


Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi has rejected the resignation of PTI leader and Food Minister Hasnain Bahadur Dreshak.

In a statement, Parvez Elahi said that Dreshak would continue to perform his responsibilities as provincial minister. He praised the PTI lawmaker as a competent minister of his cabinet, saying he was running his ministry in a better way.

“Sardar Hasnain Bahadar Dreshak is like Moonis Elahi for me,” he said.

The development comes after the PTI announced that Elahi, who was reinstated by the Lahore High Court on Friday, would obtain a vote of confidence from the assembly before Jan 11.

Last week, Mr Dreshak resigned from the post after a heated exchange with the chief minister.

The heated discussion in the last cabinet meeting resulted in tendering of resignation by Dreshak as he was not even allowed to record his note of dissent over the issue.INP