CM deplores Imran for not accepting constitution, court decision


Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz has said that it is a misconception of Imran Niazi that he can put pressure on us adding that we either take pressure from Allah Almighty or from the masses. Hamza Shahbaz denounced that Imran Niazi does not accept the constitution nor accept court decisions and makes fun of the institutions. He maintained that he warns him that proper proofs are available against him adding that when the law will come into action then he will find no place to hide.

He vowed that we will bring law into action and will make you learn a lesson to respect the law. He said that PML (N) will not take revenge like you. He was talking to the media persons after his hearing in the court.

CM reprimanded that Imran Niazi falsely implicated the opposition members into cases and reiterated not to take revenge but when law will come into action then he will find no place to hide. In reply to a question he said that the government is trying its level best to control load shedding and it is the same problem which we had taken control of it completely adding that the inefficiencies of the previous government’s four years performance is coming to surface.

CM vowed that we will make utmost endeavours day and night and by the grace of Allah Almighty will end load shedding and price-hike adding that we have come into power with the intention to serve the masses. In reply to a question with regard to PTI rally in Sialkot Christian Community Ground, he said that he especially want to inform the people of Punjab that our administration held three hours dialogue with them at night as the Christian community have reservations that the place where the rally is going to be held is a private place.

The administration proposed PTI to hold their rally at some other place and we agreed to grant permission, he added. He stated that the manner of obduracy in which he held his long march towards Islamabad and staged sit-in, the same is seen in Sialkot. Hamza Shahbaz termed that Imran Niazi wants bloodshed and Sheikh Rasheed has already talked about bloody revolution. CM remarked that he is pro-democracy and has faced imprisonments adding that his party leadership has faced detentions but warned that we will not allow Imran Niazi to play with the constitution and the law.

He proposed PTI to hold their rally at some other place as the Christian community is offended by their action and is having hostile feelings over it.

He maintained that if Allah forbids any deplorable incident takes place then that will be held responsible.CM stated that Pakistan is standing at the crossroads and lacs of people have laid down their lives for this country and their souls are demanding from us that we all have to behave sensibly and save this country.

He said that the economy is on the ventilator and facing pressure adding that all these wrongdoings are done owing to the inefficiency of Imran Niazi. He denounced that Imran Niazi’s misbehavior and bad attitude has created anarchy among the nation adding that all political parties will have to show responsibility in the present conditions.

CM underscored that all institutions of the country are respect worthy and Pakistan Army is the guarantor of Pakistan security. CM said that he has faced worst victimisation adding that good decisions are being made for the country and the nation in London. He vowed to visit every place himself and would wage a war against price-hike.

He emphasised to provide relief to the common man to the maximum adding that time of Imran Niazi’s falsehood is coming to an end. He censured that the previous government had made a mess with our clean Punjab.

He stated that all cities big and small including small towns should look neat and clean and exhorted waste management companies to deliver.


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