CM chairs provincial parliamentary party meeting at 90-sqa


A meeting of the provincial parliamentary party was held at 90-SQA under the chair of Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz on Wednesday which was attended by ministers and PMLN and PPP MPAs.

Addressing the meeting, the CM Hamza Shahbaz stated that some egoists have created a crisis over the last three months. The province is not run in an uncertain situation as the budget couldn’t be presented during the last three days. The opposition and the Speaker have staged a ploy and they have been exposed before the people; he remarked and pointed out that the government enjoys a numerical majority in the assembly. They have played havoc with the law but these tactics have failed and the provincial budget was being presented today, in which relief would be given to the people, he spoke. The journey of serving the people will continue with humility, he further maintained.

The situation is difficult but as the PMLN-led government had resolved load-shedding and other issues in the past, we would continue to work day and night to heal the wounds of the people, said Hamza Shahbaz.

The government was standing with the guardians of the constitution and the law. If these officers had not performed their duties, the province would have become a banana republic. During the election of the chief minister, the uniformed officers were kicked and punched and everyone knows how the thugs in the House were clinging to the deputy speaker.

He said that they had not been able to prove corruption or money laundering of one penny, during the last four years, and it was also mentioned in the bail case that any proof of corruption was not found.

It would be a relief budget and the MPAs should ensure their presence in the session, he concluded.

Provincial Law Minister Malik Mohammad Ahmad Khan said that every possible effort was made for reconciliation and the budget was put on hold due to childish moves. The governor holds the constitutional and legal authority to decide the time and place of the meeting, he added.