Climate change impacts poor, vulnerable segments: Experts


On this World Environment Day, experts at the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) emphasize the need to highlight the inextricable connection between climate change and poverty.

“Climate change disproportionately impacts the poor and vulnerable segments of the society.” Ms. Adnana Rao, Manager, Environment and Social Management at PPAF said.

“Climate change not only jeopardizes the lives of the poverty-stricken segments in remote and underprivileged areas but also threatens their meager sources of sustenance.

In addition, the poor are hardest hit by the long-term consequences like weather anomalies, food insecurity and water shortages.”

Pakistan is placed on the 8th spot of the Global Climate Risk Index 2021, released by global think-tank Germanwatch. The report indicates that Pakistan is one of the three countries perpetually ranked amongst the countries most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

“Climate change is a major challenge to sustainable development globally.” Ms. Adnana Rao says. “Although Pakistan makes minimal contribution to the global climate change, yet ranks amongst the top eight most vulnerable countries.

The changing weather patterns, variability of monsoons, rising temperatures and receding glaciers constantly threaten livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of poor households across the country besides incurring substantial economic losses to the country.”

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