Cleric Najfi appeals support to flood-hit people


Renowned Shia cleric and philanthropist Hafiz Basheer Hussain Najfi has issued a passionate appeal to the affluent people to come out for help of the flood affectees. “Our country fellows are in distress due to recent floods and we all are aware of it.

It is an obligation for us to help those who have been affected by the devastating floods or any other calamity,” he said in his appeal.

“Those among us who can afford to and who are affluent must come to assistance of the people of Pakistan in distress,” he added. Hafiz Bashir Najfi was born in Jalandhar, India, and later migrated to Lahore.

In 1965, he moved to Iraq for higher studies and became 12th Shia Marjah and one the of four Grand Ayatollah of Najaf, Iraq. He is author of numerous books and publications and runs multiple welfare organizations.

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