Cleanliness drive in Punjab to continue till March 19


Caretaker Minister for Local Government and Community Development (LG&CD) Ibrahim Murad said on Monday that the cleanliness campaign would continue throughout the province until March 19.

Talking to the media about the ongoing cleanliness campaign’s progress to date, he said that the local government department had established garbage dumps in various cities, towns and villages throughout the province, with 10,000 tons of garbage being disposed of during eight days. In addition, 21,000 tons of solid waste had been removed from the sides of roads, he added.

Cleanliness and renovation of 6,433 intersections and roundabouts had been completed in various areas and more than 1,947 bus stops have also been cleaned, he further said. About 35 kilometres of sewer lines have been cleared, and 3,225 manholes have been covered as well.

He said that cleanliness was the responsibility of every citizen, and was equivalent to half of the faith. Keeping one’s environment clean is not only the responsibility of a government agency but of every member of society. Cooperation from the public is essential for the success of the ongoing 15-day cleanliness campaign throughout the province, he added. Residents could register their complaints about cleanliness on helpline 1139 or share them on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, they can also tag my personal Twitter account, he informed.

During the campaign, 233 complaints were received, and 96 complaints have been resolved.

The importance of cleanliness was also emphasized during sermons at nearly 2,000 mosques during the campaign. Additionally, 22600 awareness camps have also been set up at the level of union councils across the province, he said and concluded that an awareness campaign was also run to mobilise people in this campaign.