Cleaning campaign: Around 6,679 tons garbage picked up in District Central


On the fourth day of the ongoing clean-up drive under the direction of Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Shallwani, the Central District Sanitation Department, using manpower and machinery, collected thousands of tonnes of garbage from residential and commercial areas and shifted it to designated places.
Due to the special interest of Deputy Commissioner and Administrator Dr. Muhammad Bakhsh Dharejo and Municipal Commissioner Ms. Sameera Hussain and constant observation on the performance of the Sanitation Department, better results are being achieved in all areas of Central District.
The staff is working day and night with the machinery and is performing at its best. Special importance is being given to the cooperation of organizations representing the markets in different areas and representatives of the public community in the clean-up drive. are going to. While the public is being involved in the clean-up drive, all UC secretaries and officers are working with community representatives in their respective areas to make the clean-up operation a success.
The Deputy Commissioner appealed to the people to throw their garbage at the designated places and draw the attention of the residents of their respective areas as a clean area reflects the clean thinking and concern of the residents. By the evening of the fourth day, 6,679 (six thousand six hundred and ninety) tons of garbage has been disposed of.
On the other hand, cleanliness of parks and playgrounds is also being taken care of, so that people come to the parks for recreation. In addition, street light accuracy in Central District and cleaning of automobiles in the green belt and pruning of growing branches of trees are also in progress

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