Clarity on war on terror


PRIME Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday declared that the writ of the state will be established at all costs and no one will be allowed to derail the hard-earned gains of war on terror achieved through unparalleled sacrifices of the nation and valiant defence forces.

While paying a visit to officers and soldiers who were injured during the CTD complex Bannu operation at the CMH Rawalpindi on Thursday, he said we are determined to fight out terrorism in its all forms and manifestations and breaking the nexus between terrorists, their supporters and sympathizers till achieving a peaceful and stable environment.

There is no doubt that progress and development of the country is intrinsically linked to peace and security and the menace of terrorism and extremism has to be wiped out to ensure steady march of the nation on the road to prosperity.

And those who have devoted their lives to the cause of the nation need to be appreciated and encouraged by all segments of the society and in this backdrop the visit of the Prime Minister to those who wrote new chapters of patriotism and sacrifices during the Bannu operation is laudable.

The nation will also not forget and forgive those who are taking lives of the innocent souls and causing harm to the defenders of the homeland.

There is no doubt that resurgence of a fresh wave of terrorism is a matter of concern but the level of the threat is much less than the time when the country went for an all out war against terrorist outfits in the backdrop of a sordid attack on school children in Peshawar.

The state initiated a process of dialogue with militants in a bid to persuade them to lay down their arms and begin normal life but militants have shown their preference for violence and bloodshed as highlighted by recent developments and incidents.

There is, therefore, an urgent need to launch another comprehensive operation against misguided elements before the threat spreads to other parts of the country.