CJP Gulzar denies Ali Ahmad Kurd’s allegations of judiciary being dictated


ISLAMABAD – Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed on Saturday rejected allegations levelled by a senior lawyer that judiciary was under pressure or taking dictations from other state institutions.

Addressing a ceremony, the top judge reiterated that courts were operating freely in the country and not under any kind of pressure from any institution.

Earlier in the day, former president of the Supreme Court Bar Association Ali Ahmad Kurd criticised judiciary during the Asma Jahangir Conference in Lahore

Kurd said that 220 million people of the country were being dominated by “one general,” adding that the same person has caused drop in ranking of the Pakistani judiciary.

Kurd said that there was evident division within the judiciary, besides lamenting that the country now lacked intellectual that led to the appointment of people of small stature at the top posts.

Reacting to the stern criticism towards judiciary, CJP Gulzar said that he did not agree with the assessment of the senior lawyer. He maintained that the courts are not free in the country.

CJP said that he had not taken any kind of dictation from any institutions, adding that no one can dare to influence his verdict.

He reiterated that no one interfered with his work and that he issued verdict in cases according to “my understanding and conscience”.

Addressing Ali Ahmed Kurd, CJP Gulzar asked him to visit the court and read the verdicts to see what is happening.

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