Civil society holds ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ rally

Khuda Bux Brohi

Civil society members of Thatta on Monday held ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ rally in favor of Pakistan Army. The rally led by Maqsood Khumbhti, Jan Mohammad Parari was taken out from Shahjahan Mosque and culminated outside the Thatta Press Club Thatta.

The participants of the rally chanted slogans ‘Pakistan Zindabad and Pak Army Zindabad. Speakers of the rally including Masood Khanbati Jan Muhammad Parhiri, Bilawal Gundro Nazir Mallah and others said that Pakistan is that a brave Army which has rendered to much sacrifice, even life sacrifice for the defence of motherland in eradicating terrorism from country. He said we Pakistan people are fortunate we have a brave Army and sovereign country to live.