City School Group, FCCU sign MoU for academia-industry linkage


The City School Group and the Forman Christian College (FCCU) signed an MoU to announce their strategic partnership on the establishment of academia-industry linkage.
The partnership will help innovate the existing culture of research &development at both institutions and provide strategic academic and career opportunities for students through the mutual exchange and internship programmes. The virtual ceremony was hosted by the Department of Education at FCCU and it symbolizes a step forward in upscaling educational services in Pakistan.
The City School Group is one of Pakistan’s largest schooling networks. Today, with a presence in 49 cities and more than 150 campuses, The City School Group is delivering education that meets the benchmarks and standards of international education across all its campuses. The group’s international reach is in 6 countries including KSA, UAE, Malaysia, Philippines, Qatar, and Oman. The City school aims to maximize educational opportunities for its students by partnering with esteemed organizations. Suchinclusive policies opened the door to another welcoming collaboration with The Forman Christian College (FCCU).
The Forman Christian College University, now known as FCCU was formerly known as FC College. It was founded in 1864 with the vision to serve and change the world. Amongst FCCU’s renowned alumni network are two Presidents of Pakistan, a Prime Minister of India, the first Chief Justice of Pakistan and many other notable figures.
The academia-industry partnership aims to fill the gap between academic and professional development. The City School will provide internship positions to FCCU graduates which will help them progress in their professional careers.
Aurengzeb Firoz, a member of the board of directors, The City School Group, said, “Partnerships like these offer an integral learning curve for students of both organizations through participation in seminars, conferences and internship opportunities which are essential grooming tools for the youth.”
“FCCU is known for taking initiatives that add value to the growth and development of its students. The internship program will act as a transitionalgateway for students who are about to step into the practical world”, said Ashar Khokhar, Chairperson, FCCU.

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