City reports 1,273 new Corona cases


The daily report on Coronavirus numbers on said 58 new lives are devoured by deadly novel coronavirus in the past 24-hour span across Sindh surging the total tally to 3,222. What could be alarming is the fact that about 1,520 new cases have emerged in Sindh alone over 24 hours, according to the provincial chief, out of 10,289 samples tested. On the other hand, 1,176 infected ones reported recovery from the novel coronavirus as well. The overall official numbers of people having recuperated from thevirusin province stands at 169,385 including new infections reported today.Out of 1520 new cases in Sindh, 1,73 were reported from Karachi. The health department of Sindh government shared on Tuesday its compiled data on COVID-19 related deaths eventuated outside of hospitals saying 53 people died in the past 15 days while being at homes. According to its daily data breakup, the health department said fatalities taking place outside hospitals up until Dec 15 were almost double than the corresponding period last month which saw COVID-19 claim 29 lives. On the very first day of Dec, novel coronavirus killed eight people which is by far the highest number of fatalities outside of medical facilities.