City hospitals overwhelmed with Delta variant patients





The city’s government as well as private hospitals have been overwhelmed with surge of the Delta variant patients of the coronavirus, it was learnt on Monday.


The doctors and health experts have demanded imposition of health emergency in the Karachi city.Corona ward and emergency department of the city’s Indus Hospital has been filled to the capacity and additional beds being provided to coming patients, the hospital’s CEO Dr. Abdul Bari said.


He appealed general public to follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and get vaccinated to avoid the disease.Sindh government’s health officials said that the number of coronavirus patients increasing in government hospitals. “The government’s Infectious Diseases Hospital at NIPA in Gulshan Iqbal has been filled with patients to its capacity,” according to officials.


Corona health facility at Karachi Expo Centre has also been filled with no capacity for more patients, officials further said.


According to health department officials, the Civil Hospital’s 48-bed surgical ward being converted into the corona ward to expand the hospital’s capacity of patients.Moreover, Karachi Jinnah Hospital’s chest ward also being converted into a ward for corona patients.


Prof. AnjumRehman has said that several patients of delta virus are coming to Lyari General Hospital. “We are increasing the number of beds in corona ward of the hospital,” the leading doctor of the hospital said.


The percentage of the patients of delta variant of coronavirus has soared to 92 percent, health officials said.


The infection rate of coronavirus also increasing in doctors and other health staff, officials said.


The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has warned that the Indian variant of coronavirus rapidly spreading in Karachi pleading people to get vaccine and following the SOPs.

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