‘City courts Malkhana offers firearms on rent’


Police claimed on Monday to have arrested two suspects for their alleged involvement in robberies in different areas of Karachi.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Central Malik Murtaza said most-wanted criminals named Shehryar alias Masoom Bangali and Saeed Bangali were caught during a raid within the jurisdiction of Shahrah-e-Noor Jahan police station.

Illicit arms were seized from their possession, the police officer pointed out. He said both the suspects committed a robbery in Iqbal Market five days ago and had also been involved in a mugging bid in Surjani Town.

Shehryar started committing crimes again after serving a 10-year prison term. During interrogation, the suspect made startling revelations claiming the City Courts’ Malkhana provides firearms on rent.

He further revealed that his associate named Khalil provides weapons for a specific period. He said Khalil who is a fugitive from law was also involved in theft of cars. It is noteworthy that the Malkhan stores case properties such as narcotics, weapons and explosives.

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