Cities worldwide turn off lights to mark ‘Earth Hour’

United Nations

Cities all over the world switched the lights off Saturday to mark “Earth Hour,” a global movement designed to focus on nature conservation and climate change.

During the World Wildlife Fund organized event, individuals and businesses were encouraged to turn off non-esential lights for an hour.

This year’s event also highlighted the link between the destruction of nature and the increasing incidence of diseases like coronavirus.

Experts believe that widespread deforestation, animal habitat destruction, climate change and other human activities are spurring this increase, and if nothing is done, further pandemics could occur.

In his message to mark the event, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that “we must all do our part to safeguard the planet”.

“We need to make peace with nature. Without nature’s help, we cannot thrive or even survive on this planet Earth”, he added.—AFP

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