CIME now S Asia’s first accredited simulation-based institution


Staff Reporter
The Aga Khan University’sCentre for Innovation in Medical Education (CIME) is now South Asia’s first simulation-based educational
institution to be accredited by the US Society for Simulation in Healthcare.The centre will join a global
community of practice bringing the latest advances in the field to Pakistan. The CIME was judged to
meet the highest standards in simulation-based education. Simulation-based education, designed to
give real world experience in healthcare, enables medical and nursing trainees and professionals to
practice key skills and techniques using virtual reality and high-fidelity patient mannequins in a risk-free
environment before working with patients, said the AKU on Monday. “The result is that students feel
more confident when they begin practicing as they are already familiar with the equipment to be used

and the processes to be followed. This leads to a much better experience for students and patients,”
said CIME Director Charles Docherty, the Dr Robert J Buchanan Professor in Teaching and Technology,
while receiving the award during a ceremony in San Diego.The 80,000 square feet CIME is Pakistan’s
only facility that enables aspiring doctors, nurses, dentists and allied health professionals to work
collaboratively on a range of challenging, technology-enhanced patient scenarios.