CICA urges media cooperation among Asian media outlets



Media outlets attending the 3rd Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in ASIA Non-Governmental Forum (CICA) have vowed to enhance the bilateral working cooperation for the projection of development agenda and establishing shared future of mankind by countering western media narratives.
The CICA media forum held here was hosted by China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA) for the deliberations to pursue the agenda of common development and prosperity in the Asian countries by using various media platforms.
The journalists from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and other Asian countries attended the event including the Chinese journalists held in Chongqing, China. Wu Hailong, President of China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA) media outlets from CICA countries must work together to overcome difficulties and build a community of shared destiny and responsibility toward peace and mutual prosperity.
“The in-depth discussions among Asian media organizations will help increase understanding and friendship among Asian nations, strengthen Asian media cooperation and boost the development of the Asian and global media industry,” Wu said.
Wu called on all members of CICA to work more closely, spread the ideals of peace, development, cooperation and common prosperity so as to build a harmonious Asia and make contributions for a better future for Asian people.
While addressing to the Media round table, Syed Ahmad Najafi, journalist from Iran said, “We are talking about media cooperation in the Asia’s sustainable security at a time when the issue is intertwined with the all-inclusive benefits of this old continent’s population.” Especially at a time when some politicians have said that they are more afraid of the media more than spearheads, he added.—INP