Chohan hints at reforms for prisons


Efforts are being made to make prisoners useful members of the society and for the purpose reforms are being made in prisons across the Punjab.

Provincial Minister for Prisons Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan said this while addressing a press conference in Attock.

He said, regular meetings of the high officials of prisons are being held to ensure better facilities to the prisoners and bring betterment in their lives after their release from the prisons and said that clear directions have been issued to all the officers of the jails to ensure better treatment of the priosners and not to be rude and inhuman to them.

Fayyaz Chohan that there were 43 prisons across the province where more than 29000 priosners are under going different sentences.

He said, welfare of the jail staff is also among the priorities of this govt and said that financial assistance to needy staff of the prisons is being given while Prisons Foundation Fund had also been restored.—Raza Naqvi