Chitral cape is must with new clothes


People of Chitral have to buy Chitrali cape, vests and robes when they buy new clothes and shoes on the occasion of Eid or any festival and happiness, said an old man Kiramat Ullah, sitting in a 60-year-old shop in Shahi Bazaar of District Chitral while selling Chitrali Pakool.

The people of Chitral, on the occasion of Eid, big or small, wear new clothes and shoes as well as Chitrali hats or Chitrali Pakool, vests, coats, robes which they wear on Eid day along with new clothes. It is part of their tradition that whenever they buy new clothes, the Chitrali Pakool will surely be part of it, KIramat Ullah said. For the last 60 years there has been a shop in Chitral’s Shahi Bazaar selling these Chitral products and gifts where people from far and wide come to buy Chitrali hats, vests, shawls, robes etc. made of Chitral Patti. People say that they get standard items here so they only buy these items from here.

Adults as well as minors fondly wear these Pakools on their heads with a monogram of the feathers of the rooster and the horns of the national animal Markhor. On the occasion of Eid, people bring their children here and buy these products for them. Children also like these things very much, Kiramat Baba said.

It should be noted that the famous British Princess Lady Diana and her son and daughter-in-law visited Chitral a few years ago when a Chitrali hat was also specially prepared for them from this shop in Shahi Bazaar.

Later, people all over the world wear Chitrali hats and robes with great enthusiasm. Wearing these hand-made Chitral garments not only enhances the beauty and elegance of a person but also protects them from the effects of the weather.